Weekly Wrap-up 10/18

Some links to polish off your work week so you can get  home and polish off some ribs this weekend:

From Tamed Cynic:  Pastor, Did You Know Your Fly is Down?

“We are always at once graced by God and the same a#$-clown we were before. When you think about it, it must be so. Lest we ever forget that God’s grace is exactly what it is: an undeserved gift.”

From Experimental Theology: I Rest in the Grace of the World (a great poem by Wendell Berry; shout-out to David, who introduced this poem to me). You should click the link and read the whole poem, it’s not too long and your Friday will be better for it.

From Storyline blog: Why Drive-By Charity is Ruining Your View of God

“God wants us to be generous not only with our resources, but also with our lives; not to practice drive-by charity, but to dwell in the brokenness and senselessness and pain of the world until he comes back to finally and fully redeem it.”

From Jesus Creed: Certainty is Idolatry

“There is confidence in knowing about Scripture and the Idol of Certainty is when that knowledge becomes the center — our theology, our beliefs, our creeds, etc.. It is rooted in a false view of God: that God loves diligent Bible study more than people.”

From Conversation for Transformation: Being Known

“The great longing of our spiritual lives is to be known. Even as much as it scares us, as much as it frightens us at the core, we want it. It’s better that we simply own up to that instead of frequenting the infomercials or the strip clubs.

We want to be known and not just that, we want to be known in a way that redeems us – that saves us from ourselves or at least lets us know that someone has heard our story and we have been received, made normal, made human in their hearing.”

Also, if you’re near Camarillo, CA and looking for a church home (I hear I’m huge in SoCal), check out The 101 Church‘s preview service this Sunday. Bret and Molly (my brother-in-law and sister) are doing some great work out that way.


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