Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/13

Some links to polish off your work week so you can get  home and polish off some ribs this weekend:

From The Emerging Scholars Blog–Christian Devotional Classics: Revelations of Divine Love:

“Rather than seeing in Julian’s current popularity another example of the trivialization of the Christian tradition by those who comb the world’s religions for agreeable bits of spirituality, I believe Julian attracts because she teaches us things modern culture would have us deny. She teaches that life is painful, but can be borne with grace. She teaches that we will never find rest in the things of this world – whether material goods, goals, friends, or family – but that we can love them and love God through them if we can see them with God’s own eyes.”

From Conversation for Transformation–Reflections on Being a Squatter:

“The greatest moments of growth into Christlikeness come when we are able to embrace the evolution, lean into the nomadic movements God calls us toward, and know that growing pains equal growth. And growth is rich and holy.”

From Experimental Theology–The Witness of the Saints:

“Before there was a bible or creeds or orthodoxy or an authoritative teaching tradition there were the martyrs and the saints. And it was the veneration of the martyrs and saints that held the church together. If you wanted to point to the heart and soul of Christianity you didn’t point to the bible or to the creeds or to the centralized church. Those didn’t exist. Rather, you pointed to the saints and martyrs. The saints were the connection to Jesus. The saints were the link.”

In other news, look for me tomorrow around 11:00; I’ll be the one in red. Boomer.



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