Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up 8/30

Some links to polish off your work week so you can get  home and polish off some ribs this weekend:

Signs and Miracles of Contradiction from Experimental Theology–a reflection on miracles, Jesus and the signs we’re called to be.

Some words from Dr. King (via Brian McLaren), appropriate given the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington this week.

The best interactive map you may have not seen this week–Racial Segregation in America from Experimental Theology. Check it out, especially if you didn’t see the Colorblind Commute post yesterday.

Casey Garrett from Conversation for Transformation with some wise words from John of the Cross.

Praying through prayer beads with Richard Beck.

An apropos reflection given current world events from Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed.

What Today’s Christians Can Learn from the First Ones from Jason Micheli at the Tamed Cynic.

ou ribs

Photo credit: the always lovely Sincerely, Jill

Tomorrow night 84,000 people will get to hear “It’s football time in Oklahoma!” and it might even be rib time in Kansas this weekend.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up 8/30

  1. Boomer! I’m excited, it’ll be my first home game to go to in several years! Band drama and a new freshman quarterback?!!? What more could I ask for. Hope all is well man!

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