Weekly Wrap-Up

(A Weak) Weekly Wrap-up 8/16

Some links to polish off your work week so you can get  home and polish off some ribs this weekend:

Radio silence on the blog this week. My  apologies to the faithful remnant, but I have two one good excuses. Classes start at the Friendly University next week so I’ve been hurrying to finalize syllabi and learning the lovely Moodle online resource to make sure all readings are accessible, leaving no time to write during the day.

And, I’ve been locked into season three of Game of Thrones (Winter is coming, after all). I told you I had one good excuse.

So, here’s a good link on a question I think about more often than not: Will the Jews be Saved? The Tamed Cynic bringing some more Barth love.

And, a book recommendation The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. I know I’m late to this party, but it’s mostly from my own obstinance.  I heard it was a book about baseball that wasn’t a book about baseball. I’m not a huge baseball fan, though I enjoy a trip to the ballpark occasionally, so I held off on this one. This month I caved and I’m glad I did. I’m only about halfway through, but the story of Henry Skrimshander and the Westish College Harpooners had me hooked from the beginning. “But don’t take my word for it” (Oh, Levar).Reading Rainbow

Here’s to more writing and reading. This rib’s for you Levar.


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