Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-up–8/2

Some links to polish off your work week so you can get  home and polish off some ribs this weekend (hopefully somewhere with a view like this):photo (2)

To Pay Attention from Casey Garrett over at Conversation for Transformation–a great piece and a nice counterpart to my post yesterday.

Also from Casey Book Review: “Hidden In Christ”, a book by James Bryan Smith I just started reading this morning.

Some fresh and prodding thoughts in a series on parables over at Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight: Parables as Imagination 1Parables as Imagination 3 (there are five in all).

A couple links from Jason Micheli, the Tamed Cynic: First, from his read through Barth’s Church Dogmatics– The Problem with Calling God Father; Some good thoughts on theology and preaching and why ne’er the two should part, at least in a sermon: Reflection on Preaching: Sermons Need to be Theological

Christopher B. James over at the Conversation Journal gives some thoughts on What Churches Can Learn from New Monasticism–Part 1 and What Churches Can Learn from New Monasticism–Part 2.

And, a series entitled “The Most Interesting Theologians in the World” from Jesus Creed, this week Stay Scared, My Friends.

What caught your eye this week? Drop me a note in the comments on what I missed. Otherwise, have a great weekend!


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